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The Colonies Freedom: Review Time


The 13 colonies weren’t all located in one place, but they united as one community over their common dislike for the unfair taxes and laws being placed on them by the King of England, George III.


They banded together under revolutionary leaders such as Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Benjamin Franklin. Adams led colonists to protest the Tea Act with the Boston Tea Party. Benjamin Franklin spoke out against The Stamp Act and sought support from France as the colonies prepared to stand up to England. Adams and Hancock eventually encouraged colonies to build up their own militias and prepare to fight back.


British soldiers attempted to capture weapons that the militias had stored in Concord, MA. This action was the impetus for colonists revolting against British soldiers, and with “the shot heard round the world,” the Revolution had begun. King George III’s taxes on the colonies angered the colonists, who through their faith in God and loyalty to their new community in America, chose to forge a new path and pave the way for the America we know and love today.