Why Life Matters

Why Life Matters

Thanking Our Soldiers, Military, and Veterans for Protecting Our Way of Life

America has a rich history of honoring those who sacrifice for our freedom on special days throughout our year. The most famous are Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday in May and honors those who have died in combat against our enemies. Veterans Day is on November 11th (the day combat in WWI ended) and honors all those living men and women who have fought for us, but did not die in combat. It is important to remember that since the end of the Military Draft in 1973, ALL of those who serve in our defense are Volunteers. They serve in our defense because they want to stand between us and the dangers we face in this world.

There are many other days designated to specifically honor each Branch of our military services, including the third Saturday in May when we honor all of our Armed Forces together. We even set aside March 13th to remember our K-9 military working dogs who help guard our installations all over the world. We remember those who have been wounded while defending us on National Purple Heart day on August 7th. It is still the only medal that requires the shedding of your own blood to earn it. On March 25th we remember those who have been awarded our nation’s highest award for military Valor in combat – The Medal of Honor. In the 160 years since it was first awarded (to Private Jacob Parrott of the Union Army in America’s Civil War) only 3,534 people have ever earned it, including Dr. Mary E. Walker (Surgeon in the Union Army during the Civil War) the only woman so far honored.

Branches of the Military

We also remember the birthdays of each of our military Service Branches throughout the year including the United States Army on June 14th, the United States Coast Guard on August 4th, the United States Air Force on September 18th, the United States Navy on October 13th, the United States Marine Corps on November 10th, the United States National Guard on December 13th, and our newest Branch the United States Space Force on December 20th.