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Supplemental History & Civics Material For Schools

The American Cornerstone Institute created the Little Patriots program so families and teachers have a free, online resource they can use to teach children civics lessons, history, and American values. Our program features an entertaining cartoon series, Star Spangled Adventures, created by a talented animation team with experience working for ABC Kids, Disney, and Cartoon Network. These historical cartoons introduce key topics and events to children. To accompany the cartoon, we have created free online learning courses so kids can learn more about the history topics and values featured in the cartoon episodes. Our online learning courses are written by a curriculum team made up of public and private school teachers, elementary school principals, and online learning experts.

Each online learning course features lessons with suggested grade levels for kids in K-5th grade but we encourage teachers to review the content to determine which lessons and grade levels best align with your current lesson plans and your students’ learning level. Our courses include teacher notes and a citation page to help educators incorporate the material into lesson plans. Where applicable, the teacher notes include Bible verses and stories for private and christian schools to use as well.

If you are interested in using our free Little Patriots program in your school or classroom, we would like to connect with you! Email us at [email protected] for more information.

Questions about the curriculum or program? Please check out our FAQ document here.

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The Little Patriots program is completely free!

The American Cornerstone Institute created the Little Patriots platform for parents, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers to have a free, online resource to use to teach children civics lessons, history, and American values at home, in the car, or after school.

Little Patriots content is made available free of charge thanks to generous donations from people like you. Please consider making a tax free donation to our nonprofit today.

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