Why Life Matters: The American Revolution

Why Life Matters: The American Revolution

Life: How did the Patriots demonstrate that they value life?

It is one thing to have faith and stand up for the things you believe in when there are no big consequences. It is another when it involves your life and the lives of those you care about!


Imagine it is Christmas time and the cousins who NEVER share are coming to town. Every time they come over, they take any toy that you are playing with, especially your favorite ones! How does that make you feel? Now imagine playing on the playground and a kid you don’t know grabbing a toy that you don’t care about.

Reflection Points

It is easy to have a good attitude when someone takes something you don’t care about, but how do you feel when it is something that matters? The value that our founding fathers and patriots placed on the lives of the American people was even more than the value they placed on their own lives!

Communities from Europe and Africa moved to the original 13 colonies and created new communities there. Some of these people were there for religious reasons, others for financial and business reasons, and sadly, some were even there against their will.

In this course, we are going to highlight some patriots who cared more about the freedom of the country than their own lives!

Patrick Henry