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Activity 1


Patrick Ferguson was considered a brilliant mind but an overly-confident leader in the British military. He developed a new rifle in place of the slow and susceptible muzzle-loading, the first breech-loading rifle. It wasn’t used much due to a fellow British General’s contempt for Major Ferguson. One notable detail of Ferguson’s Revolutionary career was the Battle of Brandywine, when Ferguson got within distance to take out General George Washington. Ferguson wrote of his decision not to, noting that it was dishonorable for British officers to take out other officers. The battle at Kings Mountain against the Overmountain Men proved to be more than Ferguson and his men were prepared for. The Overmountain Men were, like many colonial militias, a rag-tag group who didn’t fight their battles the traditional way. Even without a general, they still proved themselves successful as they trapped Ferguson’s men on Kings Mountain, cutting them off from escape. Ferguson’s men wanted to surrender, but Ferguson cut the white flag, eliminating that option. Only a handful of British soldiers survived the Overmountain Men’s attack. Ferguson was killed trying to escape.

Francis Marion, a colonial military leader, had a storied military career as a well-known underdog who used unconventional tactics to slowly and steadily take down British forces. Like many American colonist troops, Marion’s men were often a small and rag-tag group who were vastly underestimated. Their passion for colonial freedom and their faith in God and each other propelled them as they used guerilla tactics to surprise British troops time and again, eventually dividing and conquering their enemy. Marion’s nickname, “Swamp Fox,” was born out of a lengthy and successful escape from British Lt. Colonel Tarleton over miles and miles of land, finally slipping into a nearby swamp where Tarleton lamented how difficult Marion was to catch. Marion spent the later years of his life supporting his newly minted country as a farmer, member of the South Carolina Assembly, and a leader of a peacetime brigade.

Activity 2
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