Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson

Diverse & Unique

Being Diverse

Sometimes people are not given the same opportunities because of the way they look, talk, or act. It is not right to exclude someone because they look or behave differently than we do. We live in a country that has people of all backgrounds. Everyday we interact with friends who look differently and like different things than we do.

That is what makes America a diverse country.

Being Unique

Being different from one another does not make one person better than the other. Our differences are what makes each of us unique. After all, life would be pretty boring if we all looked the same way, talked the same way, and did all the same things. You may already know this, but this was not always the case for many people living in America a long time ago.

There was a time whenever people were mistreated because they looked different. There were even laws in our country that allowed people to have fewer opportunities just because of the way they look on the outside. People of certain backgrounds were mistreated and if they tried to stand up for themselves they got into trouble.

Jackie Robinson

One person who was given the opportunity to stand up for equal rights for people of all backgrounds was Jackie Robinson. He was not allowed to play baseball in the Major League because of his skin color. However, one team, the Brooklyn Dodgers, invited him to play on their team anyways because he was so talented. He played so well and received so many awards for his amazing baseball skills. We remember him today because he was brave and did not let other people who thought less of him stop him from doing what he loved.