Get Ready to Learn

Get Ready to Learn

Welcome Little Patriots to the American Revolution!
Before we begin diving into why Faith, Liberty, Community, and Life mattered to the brave American men and women who fought for our freedom, we are going to learn about a little-known group called the Hessians! Many people do not know about the Hessians, but they played a huge role in the winning of our independence! Please take a moment to watch our latest Star Spangled Adventures episode, and look through the facts below to learn more about the Hessians. Time to start learning!

The Hessians were not English, American, or even Native American soldiers, but rather German soldiers who at first fought on the side of the British! They were what people call mercenaries, which is a fancy word for saying they would fight for other countries that would pay them. However, the Hessians had a bad Prince who would make them fight for other countries but would keep most of their money for himself! The actions of this unpopular prince would later help the Americans sway many of the Hessians to their side! The Hessians had fought with the British before! They had fought for the British all the way back in 1688 in the 9 years war!

Let’s Think: Think about the paragraph below.

What is your favorite sport to play? Do you like playing basketball, football, or baseball? Or, are you a dancer who loves to perform in dance competitions?

Imagine the biggest game you’ve played or the most important performance that you’ve had. What did that feel like? Were you nervous?

Let’s say in that big, important game, there was one minute left on the clock, one inning left, or one minute until the curtain rose. And let’s pretend that your team was losing. If you’re a football or basketball player, your team needs one more touchdown or one more three-pointer to win the game. If you’re a baseball player, it’s the bottom of the ninth inning, you are up to bat, bases loaded with two outs, and you need a home run. If you are a dancer, one of your teammates twisted her ankle in warm-ups, so you have to fill in for her part.

In all these examples, you have a team counting on you. No matter what sport you play, when it’s game time, the clock is ticking, and when your team is losing, every athlete must set aside their fears and doubts so that they can do their best.