Fulton’s Steamboat

Fulton's Steamboat

The Clermont’s First Voyage

On August 17, 1807, the steamboat went on its first trip from New York City to Albany along the Hudson River.

People thought it was a dangerous idea, and before the trip, some friends said it was a bad plan. But Fulton and Livingston went ahead. Even though the steamboat didn’t go very far at first, the trip was successful.

It took the Clermont 32 hours to go from New York City to Albany. And, it was even faster on the way back!

Clermont Catches On!

32 hours, almost a day and a half, was really fast back then. People were used to only using keelboats to travel these distances, which were slower and very hard to move against the water’s current.

The steamboat was used to carry people and things up and down the river, making life better for everyone. People paid $7 to go one way on the steamboat.

The steamboat helped America grow by moving things easily on our country’s riverways, and kick-started an industrial revolution in our country.