Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper

Essential Questions

  • Why were Americans fighting each other?
  • Why did some people think slavery was okay?
  • What was done to try to end slavery?

America’s Founding Fathers believed that all people are equal.

That means we should treat everyone fairly. If that is true, why did we have slavery? People in the north had machines to do hard work and help them make money. People in the south did not, so they made other people, slaves, do the work for them. People in the south had farms that were way too big for them to be able to do all the work themselves. People in the north thought it was wrong for people in the South to force other people to work on their farms.

Did You Know?

Two different deals were made in order to try and stop slavery, but no matter what, some people still wanted slaves. Soon after, Abraham Lincoln became president and was able to help show people slavery is wrong.